Bruno Fagali — Five Red Flags Of Anticorruption

Bruno Fagali has posted some interesting information about the practices in advertising. He says that there are five telling signs of unethical advertising. When a company hits all of these five points they can be considered to be conducting unethical practices. The signs are easy to spot. Most scandals that involve ethical corruption have an advertising agency involved. Because of the prominence of corruption and the involvement of various agencies, Brazil has implemented the anticorruption compliance program.

Bruno Fagali is a champion of anticorruption compliance program and a main supporter. As a prestigious attorney who specializes in human rights he has made his name by facing large corporations and bringing an end to their ethical corruption. Fagali is the founder of Fagali Advocacy.

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The five red flags of ethical corruption that Bruno Fagali has found to be common across advertising agencies are the benchmark for determining whether or not a company has breached the anticorruption compliance program. The first red flag is intermediation of vehicle payments by the advertiser according to This means the advertiser uses an intermediary party to funnel payments through in financing their campaigns. This is a red flag because the advertiser is circumventing the traditional and lawful methods of payment in an effort to avoid scrutiny or taxation. The second red flag is media assignment criteria. This is also known as media planning. An advertising agency will supply their own media outlets for the advertising campaign and the client will rely on these outlets for their advertising. This can become unethical when the media outlets are in cooperation with the advertising agency. Commissions or other compensation can be arranged between the advertising agency and their selected media outlet that may put the client at a disadvantage. The third red flag is incentive plans. These incentive plans can be used by the larger advertising agencies to place the smaller firms at a major disadvantage. The plans are used to provide their clients with a lower price and undercut the smaller firms with lower resources. The fourth red flag is a relationship with the advertiser office and employees. These relationships can become conflicts of interest based upon the level of interaction between agents. Advertising agencies can use the relationship to give their clients gifts and take them on expensive trips. These are unethical because they foster a strong sense of obligation to the advertising agency and the relationship may not be in the best interest of the client. The fifth red flag is fees on external services and supplies.

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Anthony Petrello Throws A Lavish Banquet for Broadways’ Tommy Tune

Anthony Petrello and the wife, Cynthia recently held a high-profile event to honor the amazing life and times of the Broadway celeb, Tommy Tune. The extravaganza doubled up as a homecoming bash for the popular Broadway performer as well. The Petrello’s held the colorful outing at their majestic mansion with 50 or so of their closest friends. The entire board of members of the Miller Outdoor Theatre was also in full attendance.

Patrick Swayze

Later on, Tommy Tune was the center attraction at a jam-packed concert attended by over 5,000 fans. The multitude was dying for the top songs by the legendary musician and he never disappointed. The fans stayed on their feet the entire concert dubbed Tommy Tune Tonight. History has it that Tommy is a protégé of one of Broadway’s most acclaimed figures, Patrick Swayze. Swayze is said to have taught the young Tommy every aspect of the game from singing to dancing gracefully.

Houston Local Boy

Tonny Tune is a local boy having attended Lamar High School at the heart of Houston. The event at Petrello’s home was covered by the celebrated pianists, Davisi Strings Amp’d and Scott Graham. There were plenty of drinks and gourmet dishes for everyone in Shadyside apartment and the ambiance was simply amazing, according to the guests at the mansion. Tony has previously appeared in sold-out shows like the Grand Hotel, My One and Only, Seesaw, A Day in Hollywood, Nine, A Night in Ukraine, and the Will Rogers Follies. Tonny’s astounding accomplishments led to the introduction of the Tommy Tune Awards in his honor.


Charity Work

Tony and the wife are renowned for their altruist ways. Over the decades, the entertainment couple has doled out over $7 million to numerous charitable organizations and events, not just in their home state, Houston, but all over the nation as well. Most of the donations by Tony and the wife have gone towards funding neurological research targeting children. The couple embarked on the noble mission to do something about the out-of-control neurological conditions when their daughter got diagnosed with a disorder.

According to, the couple’s duo is often in and out of hospitals as doctors attempt to find a definite cure for her neurological condition. The daughter was born prematurely and she was soon positively diagnosed as suffering from a debilitating condition called periventricular leukomalacia. The couple’s goal is to help their daughter and the thousands of other kids suffering from the same condition to get a chance to live a happy, normal and healthy life.

About Anthony G. Petrello

Anthony Petrello ranks as one of the highest paid CEOs in the entire nation. Tony, 62, has shattered all earning records having been paid a total compensation of over $15M as of 2016. Tony is a long-serving CEO and President of the successful holding company called Nabors Industries. Prior to joining Nabors Industries, the respected financial executive used to be a Managing Partner at the revered NY law firm, Baker and McKenzie Inc. Petrello is a proud alumnus of both Yale and Harvard Universities.

US Money Reserve Explains How To Be Protected From Inflation

US Money Reserve, Inc. is an Austin, Texas-based firm that was founded about 10 years ago. It is a financial services company that helps people add precious metal to their portfolios. The president of this firm, Philip N. Diehl, was once the Chief of Staff of the US Treasury Department. He was the creator of one of the US Mint’s most popular initiatives which was the 50 States Quarter program of the 1990s.

The experts at US Money Reserve recently explained inflation. Basically, inflation is the result of many things getting more expensive over time. The current inflation rate is 2.1% but many expect it to increase due to higher wages and other factors. The Bureau of Statistics measures thousands of items that are commonly bought by people in the United States to determine what the current Consumer Price Index (CPI) is.

Inflation reduces the value of your money which is a bad thing for most people. When the nation is experiencing high inflation the value of money can rapidly drop. Too little inflation is also dangerous as people stop spending money due to knowing things will be less expensive in the future. This leads to a recession in the economy until inflation picks back up.

There are ways to protect yourself from high inflation. The key way is to diversify your portfolio beyond the US dollar. If all of your assets move along with the dollar then high inflation will eat away at all of your net worth. The purchase of storable commodities is the best way to diversify, the experts at US Money Reserve say. They don’t move in concert with the US dollar.

There are several commodities one can consider for their portfolio. This includes the stock of foreign companies, natural resources, and precious metals such as gold. Including these types of assets in your portfolio will help protect your overall net worth once inflation starts picking up in America.

Philip Diehl has pointed to gold in particular as a way to protect you from inflation. He says that it out-performs everything else when inflation starts to get high. Other assets crash during these times, such as company stocks, but gold increases in value. He says that over time gold has increased in value faster than the CPI. This means that not only does it help you preserve your capital but it’s also something that can help make your capital grow.

Daniel Taub Reflects Ending His Career as Israel’s U.K. Ambassador

Daniel Taub, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom is soon departing his office after four years of serving graciously in the position.

As he leaves, Taub will depart with relations between the two countries being better than ever despite the serious issues he had to face: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iran’s nuclear goals and European Anti-Semitism.

As Taub is leaving office, he took the time to share the more personal aspects of his life in the U.K., the country he’s leaving.

As a Manchester city fan with six kids of his own that saw his first London musical only a few weeks ago, Taub made several observations about his tenure there.

1) Don’t look back. Taub notes that his embassy accomplished a lot in four years. They established outreaches in Britain. A new information center was established in Wales and Scotland and the center was expanded in Manchester during his tenure.

2) What you read affects your outlook. Taub was asked to give a lecture on Israel’s historical contribution to literature in England. He read books to prepare. One of those books was written by another one of Israel’s ambassadors to England, Yehuda Avner. Avner wrote a fictional story of moving Jews out of Nazi Germany to establish Israel ten years earlier. Taub is now reading books by Stefan Zweig.

3) Don’t restrain yourself, overindulge. Taub has worked tirelessly for long hours and not had much time to enjoy the pleasures England offers. Now, on his final days of holiday, he and his family are taking in the English musicals. They went to see High Society and will see Les Miserable’s. Taub’s over English indulgence is Cadbury chocolate. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

4) Daniel Taub has taken advantage of speaking to both friends and foes. As ambassador to Israel, Taub notes that many people from all walks of life willingly accept an invitation to meet him. He met the Queen in 2011. During their meeting he wore his yarmulke and recited the blessing.

5) A multidimensional person has an advantage. Daniel Taub was born in England and moved to Israel in his twenties. In Israel, he served in the IDF as a combat medic.

He later wrote speeches for the Israeli President, Chaim Herzog. In 2011, Taub was appointed ambassador. At one point, Taub was asked if he felt more English or Israeli. Taub remembers the England of his youth and thus stands in line when other Brits don’t.

6) Taub’s family comes first. It has been had for Taub’s family to have two kids in the Israeli army while he, his wife and four younger kids are in England watching news stories of the conflict in Gaza on TV.

The whole family looks forward to him continuing his career in the Foreign Service and the family in one place, home in Israel.

How Roberto Santiago Found Success With Two Malls In Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa, Brazil on July 16, 1958. He earned an undergraduate degree in business administration at the University of Joao Pessoa before starting his professional career at Cafe Santa Rosa. At this company he learned how to manufacture items, knowledge he took with him when he started his own business. His business designed and manufactured cartons made out of cardboard that other companies bought to package their products in.

In 1987, Roberto Santiago decided to enter the world of real estate. He bought a large plot of land close to the Atlantic coast in Joao Pessoa and had the plans for a mall drawn up. The mall took two years to build, opening its doors in 1989. It has 280 retail stores as well as banks, a gym, and a college. There is also a movie theater as well as a gaming area that has 200 machines in it plus a bowling alley as well as an area to play laser tag.

Since opening Manaira Shopping in 1987, Roberto Santiago has made it a focus to offer as many different types of restaurant experiences as he can. He has expanded this section of the mall three times and it now has everything from fast food joints to high-end cuisine served in it. Among the most recent high-end restaurants to open have been Waynes, Capital Steakhouse, and Espaco Gourmet.

Another section of the mall that Roberto Santiago added was Domus Hall in the 2000s. Domus Hall is primarily for concerts but, like with much of the rest of Manaira Shopping, he wanted it be versatile to hold many other types of events. The main floor of Domus Hall can accommodate 4000 sitting people and 10,000 standing. It has been soundproofed and features air-conditioning. Beyond concerts, Roberto Santiago has also attracted other events to Domus Hall like exhibits, fairs, conferences, graduation ceremonies, and weddings along with their receptions. The floor below this main area has rooms for more private events and features a number of bars.

With his huge success as the founder and chief executive officer of Manaira Shopping, Roberto Santiago launched another mall in Joao Pessoa in 2013. This is Mangiera Shopping and it is very similar in scope to Manaira Shopping. He has said that he placed Mangiera Shopping at the other end of the city so that the two malls wouldn’t conflict with one another. This move paid off as Manera Shopping saw no drop in the number of customers entering its doors when Mangiera Shopping started doing business.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital reputation is rising as we start 2018. In November of 2017, the capital group was recognized at the annual Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Advisor Awards banquet for the Debt Financing Deal of the Year. The Award was for the group’s work in the acquisition of WLR Automotive Group. The awards banquet was held on November 13, 2017 at the Metropolitan Club in New York City.


The company was a finalist for two other awards at the banquet, bother for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and the Financials Deal of the Year. The annual gala brings together the best dealmakers in the Mergers and Acquisitions marketplace as part of the annual M&A Advisor Summit.


Madison Street Capital was founded in 2002 as an international banking firm specializing in merger and acquisitions. The investment firm give corporate advising services to a number of public and private corporates all over the globe. The company also deals with a number of other services that it provides to their large clientele to include capital restructuring, bankruptcy services, reorganization, buyout advice, corporate governance, and business valuation just to name a few. They are laser-focused on providing attentive and personalized customer service and handles transactions from beginning to end. They are proud of the quality of service they provide to each company they serve, regardless of size and the integrity in which they operate.



Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with offices in the state of Georgia, two offices in India, and one office in Ghana. This global reach allows Madison Street Capital to garner expertise in all sorts of markets all over the world. The company has won eight M&A Advisor Awards since 2015 and in 2015 was named as an Honoree at NAVCA’s 40 Under Forty Industry Mavericks Award Show.


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Chemistry+Pharmaceuticals+Business=Scott Rocklage

Venture capital refers to finances (individual or corporate) designated for the investment in the ownership of a new or existing company or business. 5AM Venture Management LLC is a venture capital firm with their primary concerns for seed and early stage investing, capital growth, investing in startup companies, and spin outs(extensions of parent companies).

5AM Venture Management prefers to invest in firms centered on life sciences(the study of living organisms) especially Biopharmaceuticals which are pharmaceutical products made with, extracted from, or have the foundation of biological sources such as blood, urine, human tissues, and bodily secretions. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

Aside from Biopharmaceuticals, 5AM Venture also concentrates on biotechnology, medical technology, product discovery, and research instrumentation (using various types of research methods).

With regards to product (drug) discovery, 5AM Venture has invested in companies and businesses focussed on oncology(the study and treatment of tumors), diabetes, and metabolic disorders(high blood pressure, high blood sugar, increased body fat around the waist, and increased cholesterol levels).

Dr. Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D. joined 5AM Venture Management, LLC in 2003 and became Managing Partner the following year. Recently Scott received an advancement to Founding Partner. “Dr. Scott” or “Scott” has extensive and impressive experience within the Healthcare Management Industry.

Due to his leadership as well as his expertise, three new drug applications received FDA approval(Omniscan, Teslascan, and Cubicin). Aside from 5AM Venture “Dr. Scott” has been CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, President and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Nycomed Salutar( a Biotechnology Company)and has served on the Board of Directors of many pharmaceutical companies(i.e. Relypsa, Catalytica, Rennovia, Epirus, and Pulmatrix just to name a few). In addition, Dr. Scott Rocklage became founding investor as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Expansion Therapeutics as of January, 2018.

Dr. Scott Rocklage’s educational background is impressive as well. He received his Bachelors of Science (B.S.) degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkley and his Ph.D.(Doctorate) in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) during which time he conducted laboratory research in the lab of Nobel Peace Prize(2005)winner Richard R. Schrock.

Micheal Thoreau Lacey

An incredibly time-consuming discipline, Mathematics requires an enormous amount of determination to master. Thousands of hours of practice are a prerequisite, as are thousands more of the application of that practice.

Masters of the craft deserve to be praised for the enormous amount of effort they put into their passion, which is exactly what we are here to do today. Micheal Lacey, a mathematician with nearly three decades of practice, is among the most talented working in the field.

Having conquered several different aspects of the field and having undergone comprehensive research efforts into various avenues, Lacey is an exceptionally accomplished individual. Additionally, Lacey has also made a name for himself as an educator. Lacey is a man with a legacy of success and deserves to be lauded as such. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Micheal Thoreau Lacey was born September 26, 1959. A talented mathematician from the outset, Lacey quickly made strides in the field. Lacey crafted a brilliant doctoral thesis in the area of Banach Spaces.

This is an incredibly complex field of study even for the most practiced professional; Lacey tackled it out of the gate to astounding success. The math genius didn’t stop there: shortly after, Lacey also made enormous contribution to the research of various different subsets of the field, including ergodic theory, probability, and harmonic analysis.

Perhaps his crowning achievement in regards to research was his work in studying the Hilbert transform, a research effort that awarded him a Salem Prize in 1996. The Salem Prize is an incredibly distinguished honor, and one well deserved by Lacey.

Lacey is an equally talented educator, however. Having worked as a professor of mathematics at the Georgia Insitute of Technology since 1996, Lacey has secured a place in the hearts of many alumni. A beloved educator and role model, Lacey’s work in raising the next generation of mathematicians deserve nothing but praise.

Michael Lacey is in no need of recognition, however; In 2004, Lacey was awarded the honor being a fellow of the American Mathematical Society. An exalted professional even by the most rigorous scrutiny, Micheal Lacey’s impact on mathematics will be felt for years to come.

Roberto Santiago’s Mall is the Best for Last Minute Shopping

With Christmas and similar times of the year, there comes a point when it is the last minute. This can be one of the stressful things to deal with. One of the most common issues with last minute shopping is that a lot of the items are pretty much out of the store. Another issue to deal with is that it can be crowded in the last minute since the stores are filled with people who are also doing a little bit of last minute shopping. Fortunately, not every facility is going to have the last minute issues that people have come to expect.


One good place to go for last minute shopping is Manaira Shopping. One of the reasons that it is the best place to go for last minute shopping is that it is a large mall that has plenty of different stores. Therefore, it is easy to find something that is unique and even better than a gift that a family member wanted. The best part is that the family member is most likely to enjoy it if it is the right item. With all of the interesting stores in the mall, one can find something that is not only going to please the family member, but also make him forget the item he originally wanted.


Even though the mall is mostly going to be closed on Christmas day, people can go to the movies on Christmas day and enjoy some of the latest releases. Roberto Santiago has made sure that some of the greatest theaters have come forward in the mall. Cinepolis is head and shoulders above other theaters because it offers more than big screens and popcorn. Customers can enjoy a full meal while they are enjoying the movies that they have wanted to see.


Manaira Shopping has been created for the fun it can bring. Every category that a mall is known for is exemplified in this particular mall. People can find the mainstream stores in the mall while looking at the more unusual items. Manaira Shopping is always filled with something that is matched to individual tastes.


Daniel Taub Helps People Realize the Positive Parts of Being an Ambassador

While there were many difficult times that happened while Daniel Taub was working as an ambassador, he knew the job was something he could be proud of and something he could feel good about because of the opportunities he had made for everyone who was a part of the community around him. There had been many ways in which Daniel Taub felt confident in himself and in the work he was doing. Because of this, he was able to offer a lot of advice to other people. It is what made things easier on him and what allowed him the chance to try to work through different things.


Even though Daniel Taub is no longer the ambassador, he is still trying to make sure he can get more from the situations he is in. He likes to tell people about the issues that are at hand and likes to give them the help they need. He has always tried to give back to the community and Daniel Taub knows that is part of what his work was at the embassy. While it was something he enjoyed a lot, it was also something he was doing to help other people out. He was truly a philanthropist who felt confident he could help other people.


Depending on the issues that people were having, Daniel Taub came up with advice and ideas to help others through the difficult times they were experiencing. He knew they would have a chance to experience more opportunities no matter what they were doing or how they were treated in different situations. It gave Daniel Taub the motivation he needed to continue helping others and giving them what they were looking for. As long as Daniel Taub was doing his best, he felt confident he could help people through the times they were experiencing.


Now that he is no longer the ambassador, Daniel Taub is going to try and help people with the issues they are facing. He wants them to realize there are different things they can do to try and help themselves through the issues they are facing. He has always tried to be a positive influence on the community and that’s what has helped him grow his career and be a successful person in both his personal life, with his faith and with the family he has grown while he was the ambassador in Britain. Learn more: