Know All About Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva

Chris Steven Villanueva is focused on hiring the right people. This way he is able to set vision for them. He believes in keeping them inspired and motivated but letting them do their own work.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. He is also an active practitioner. He is a visionary who is promoting sole practitioners as well as corporate dentistry. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is well-versed to do this as he has spent time on both these sides of the business equation.

When Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva started his company, he had complete knowledge of what is required in order to furnish vital support. But this needs to be done without compromising on the integrity of this profession in any way.

MB2 Dental recognizes that dental practitioners are in need of specialized assistance. This firm founded by Dr. Villanueva has been able to support practitioners in 70 affiliated locations that have been widely spread across six states. Besides, this trend of excellence is expected to continue.

Dental practice management networks are typically quite drab. Dr. Villanueva is trying to change this trend. This firm is bringing something that is completely new to this field as they tend to focus on something that is much more than just the profit margins.

MB2 Dental is a dentist-owned firm. There is focus on support and personal growth. The improvements being made will actually benefit the patients. These are innovative practices designed to improve the operating standards. This would lead to happy practitioners leading to healthier business growth.

This idea for MB2 Dental Solutions came to Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva when he graduated from dental school. He could see that dentists could either join a large practice or start with their own private practice. But he wanted to create a business model that would be able to provide the best of both worlds.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has surrounded himself with smart and creative team members. This helps him to stay productive. He does not get into micromanaging. He lets people do their own thing their own way. These smart people are able to breathe life into his great ideas. This kind of collaboration leads a thought into reality. It also creates buy-in. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a firm believer in the power of team work. He is very excited with the role being played by technology today.